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Coffee/Caffeine link to infertility

A recent report on entitled "How four cups of coffee a day reduces a woman’s chance of having a baby by 25%" discusses a study in which Dutch researchers found that there was a significant link between caffeine intake and infertility. It goes so far as to state that coffee may be as damaging as alcohol.

Earlier this year a study found a link between caffeine intake and miscarriage.

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Newest fertility treatment may be a diet

Recent research has shown that obese men have lower sperm counts and are more likely to have abnormal sperm. As a result, being overweight may contribute to fertility problems.

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Nearby Private Clinic Blamed for University Closing In Vitro Fertilization Clinic At Little Rock

From ‘The Morning News‘:

“The in vitro fertilization clinic at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where couples could have eggs fertilized before they were implanted in the woman’s womb, has closed down because a private facility drew off too many potential clients, officials say.

The decision to close the publicly funded program came after a year of discussions with doctors at the private Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates in west Little Rock, according to Dr. Curtis Lowery, director of maternal-fetal medicine at the university.”

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Male Infertility May Lead To Severe Psychological Problems – Infertile Males Tend to be Less Healthy: Medical News Today

Medical News Today has a new article about a recent report from Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association showing that male infertility could lead to severe psychosocial problems.

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New Method May Help Predict IVF Success

There is a new article from Reuters called “New method may help predict IVF success: study” posted today that may be of interest.

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Ovulation Captured On Film For the First Time

Belgian researchers have captured ovulation on film for the first time. During a minor surgery the researchers were fortunate enough to experience the actual process of ovulation. Not only that, they got it on film! See the fascinating video below, compliments of NewScientist.