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Working with pesticides reduces fertility in women

A recent study involving interviews with pregnant women found that those women who reported occupational exposure to pesticides experienced greater difficulty (measured in menstrual cycles until conception) becoming pregnant. The study did not find a link between mail exposure to pesticides and difficulty conceiving.

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More support for the positive effects of proper diet on fertility

A recent study in The Nurses’ Health Study adds support to the belief in the positive effects of a proper diet on fertility. In an approximately 18000 woman study at Harvard a ‘fertility diet’ had a six fold increase in pregnancy odds.

Fats seem to have a significant effect on fertility with trans fats having a negative effect while good fats from whole dairy products appear to have positive effects. That’s good news for women who like ice cream. Carbs known as ‘slow carbs’ – those that release glucose at a slower rate – tend to have a positive effect on fertility. On the other hand, ‘fast carbs such as white bread and white rice seemingly have a negative effect.

When it comes to proeins, the good ones come from nuts, beans, and tofu while red meat is one of the baddies.

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