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Researchers Discover Male Infertility Gene

According to NewScientist, researchers at the University of Lyon have discovered a gene that is more common in men who have low sperm counts or sperm with poor mobility. The gene may trigger an increase in the production of a protien (TNF) that affects sperm production. Drugs that block this protein may be a potential treatment for appropriate types of infertility.

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Newest fertility treatment may be a diet

Recent research has shown that obese men have lower sperm counts and are more likely to have abnormal sperm. As a result, being overweight may contribute to fertility problems.

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Male Infertility May Lead To Severe Psychological Problems – Infertile Males Tend to be Less Healthy: Medical News Today

Medical News Today has a new article about a recent report from Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association showing that male infertility could lead to severe psychosocial problems.

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